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Cable Management Best Practices

Cable Management is a key component of Data Center and Network Management. It refers to an important step during the installation of building services (ie electrical services) and the subsequent installation of equipment providing means to efficiently secure electrical, data, and other cables including the power distribution system.

Properly arranged cables increase problem resolution time dramatically. The purpose of cable management is two fold i.e to support the cables while being routed through the building from Point A to B (often called containment), and to make subsequent management of the cables through the lifetime of the installation easier.

For Data Cables, once an errant port has been identified, it is much more efficient to trace cables located in a cable management system to replace bad cables. Cables that are organized and well labeled are much more efficient and capable of being manipulated during troubleshooting operations.

Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, and Troth are used for cable management. They are typically used to route cables in an organized manner both vertically and horizontally. In addition flexible loom or flex conduit are also used to route cables in an organized manner both vertically and horizontally. Cable run is the path that a cable would be routed to achieve connectivity between point A and point B.

Communications. Racks are used to house Data Cables in an organized, efficient fashion. Communications racks are also used to assist in cooling equipment and keeping the computer room environment temperature uniform.

Cabling/Labeling Procedure

Cable Management Diagrams

These cable management diagrams are a reference to how cables will be sorted and organized in server racks.

Reduces Maintenance Time Dramatically.

WMPVF45 – Front only Vertical Cable Management

WMPV45E – Front & Rear Vertical cable Management

Flex Conduit/Innerduct:


Plenum Corrugated Inner duct / Flexible Duct

Cable Management Ladder Sections

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