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Method Statement for Installation & Testing of Electrical Distribution Board

This method statement will help the electrical engineers and supervisors for the installation of distribution board for an electrical project.

Additionally site team will need detailed information of all aspects associated with the installation process in order to complete the job inline with the contract or project requirements, specifications and approved electrical drawings.

Before the start of installation work, all material received at site shall be inspected by consultant engineer and ensure that the material are as per approved material submittal.

Any discrepancies, damages etc. shall be notified and reported for further action. Materials found not suitable for the project are removed from site immediately.

High caliber and well trained charge hands and electrician will be dedicated to carry out the installation works for distribution board under the supervision of the project team shown on the project organization chart in accordance with the approved shop drawings.

The following indicative tools shall be available on site as a minimum for the installation of the distribution board DB.

Health & Safety Requirements

Installation Sequence of Distribution Board

Upon receiving the Distribution Boards, material inspection is conducted.

Size of the Distribution Board shall be as per approved schedule and standards.

Examine the location to receive Distribution Board, for compliance with requirements for installation tolerances and clearances and after installation for periodic service as specified in the construction drawings.

Prior to moving the Distribution Board to the appropriate location, check the dimensions of plastering Level and the finished floor level to comply with the requirements of current revision of specification.

Install the empty Panel Box at its position and fix it with nuts and bolts at their place properly.

Install switchgear panel with its accessories inside the box as per the manufacturer’s written instructions.

Tighten electrical connectors and terminals according to manufacturer’s torque tightening specifications values.

Sample or mock up inspection shall be conducted in case of first DB installation.

The enclosure shall be protected from plastering.

After completion of all electrical installation, remove dirt, and construction debris, Clean the work location and site is left in a tidy fashion.

Raise Inspection Request to consultant Engineer, before the testing of DB’s distribution boards.

Pre-commissioning of SMDB’s:

Check units, wires & cable termination and tightness as per drawing.

Pre-commissioning of MCC’s & Control panels:

Pre-commissioning of FDB’s:

Visual Inspection of Distribution Board

Cold Test Procedure

Live Test of Distribution Board

Quality Control Arrangements (Testing, Inspections & Records)

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