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Cable Tray Raceway Fill and Load Calculations

Cable tray / raceway is integral part of any cable management system. Selection of cable tray is very critical because if cable tray size is not sufficient the cables may become damaged due to improper handling and excessive heating etc. On the other hand cable tray supporting system can not be neglected as well since… Read More »

Typical Design Philosophy of Cable Trays for Power Plant

Cable tray system shall be used for laying of MV and LV power, control, instrumentation and special cables in the Power Plant.  Cable trays shall be supported on cantilever brackets at specified interval. The trays shall be strong enough to keep the deflection of the fully loaded tray within permissible limits. In general, cable trays run in… Read More »

Cable Tray Ladder Trunking Wire Basket Installation Guidelines

What Are Cable Trays? An assembly of units/sections with associated fittings that form a rigid structural system to securely fasten or support cables. Think of a roadway bridge that supports traffic.  Cable Tray Systems must provide protection to life & property against faults caused by electrical disturbances Lighting and failures which are part of the… Read More »