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Electric current is the flow (movement) of electric charge. The SI unit of electric current is the ampere. Electric
current is measured using an ammeter.

Open Circuit & Short Circuit Tests of Electrical Transformers

There are many different tests for the transformers depending upon the usage, type and size but most common tests are: Short Circuit Test Open Circuit Test Let us first understand that what does short circuit and open circuit means in electrical transformers: What is a Short Circuit? A short circuit is an electrical circuit that… Read More »

Electric Current Electric Charge & Electromagnetism

Very basic question which an electrical student or professional may be asked is what is electric current and electric charge. The electric current is actually the flow of electric charge from one point to other point of the conductor or wire or cable. In electric circuits this charge is often carried by moving electrons in a… Read More »

Difference Between Superconductor and Semiconductor

What is an electrical conductor? A material that permits the flow of electrical current is referred to as an electrical conductor. There are a variety of electrical conductors, but we will be focusing on two types which are semiconductors and superconductors. The key difference between a semiconductor and superconductor is that the conductivity of a… Read More »

Define Electrical Energy & Electric Current

What is Electricity? Electricity is a form of energy that can be easily changed to other forms. Electricity comes mainly from 2 sources i.e. Power stations and generators that supply a lot of electricity and normally used in many electrical appliances and industrial applications. From Electric Cells or batteries which are used for portable purposes. To… Read More »