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Earthing System Concept Components and Types

All the people living or working in residential, commercial and industrial installations, particularly the operators and personnel who are in close operation and contact with electrical systems and machineries, should essentially be protected against possible electrification. To achieve this protection, earthing system of an installation is defined, designed and installed according to the standard requirements.… Read More »

Method statement for Installation & Testing of Earthing, Grounding and Lightning Protection System

This Method statement details the procedure of installation & testing of earthing system, grounding systems and lightning protection system. The grounding earthing system and lightning protection system are designed to ensure the complete safety of both persons and equipment throughout the buildings covered under the electrical project scope. Arrange following material and equipment before starting… Read More »

Overvoltage Protection Due to Lightning and Switching

What is overvoltage: A sudden rise in voltage for a short duration on the power system is known as overvoltage or voltage surge. Overvoltage is always temporary that  exist for short period but that may cause damage to the power system due to surge in voltages. There are many causes for occurrence of overvoltage condition,… Read More »