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What is BCD? Binary Coded Decimal Learning Guide

We all have heard about the binary numbers and binary coded decimals and we also know that these are used inside the computers for the computation and processing of our commands. In digital electronics study students mostly as this question that What is BCD? In computer & electronics Binary Coded Decimal or BCD is a class of… Read More »

What is Grey Code? Binary to Grey and Grey to Binary Conversions

Gray Code is one of the most important codes. It is a non-weighted code which belongs to a class of codes called minimum change codes. In this codes while traversing from one step to another step only one bit in the code group changes. In case of Gray Code two adjacent code numbers differs from… Read More »

Fluorescent Light Electronic Ballast Types Function Benefits & Specifications

Fluorescent light electronic ballast provides initial high voltage for discharging the gas inside the fluorescent lamps/bulbs. Ballast converts power frequency to very high frequency that initializes gas discharge process by controlling voltage and current through the lamps. There are different types of light ballasts which include electromagnetic, hybrid and electronics. On this  page we are talking… Read More »

IP Telephony System Installation Method Statement

All material used at the project site shall be approved prior to the start of IP Telephony system installation works. Materials and documentation relevant to a particular section of works will be checked by the site/project engineer prior to the commencement of work ensuring that these are of the correct type as reviewed by the… Read More »

Octal Number System | Octal to Decimal Binary & Hexadecimal Conversion

The Octal Number System is another type of computer and digital base number system. Octal Number System is very similar in principle to the previous hexadecimal numbering system except that in Octal, a binary number is divided up into groups of only 3 bits, with each group or set of bits having a distinct value… Read More »

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions Transmission Lines Communications Engineering

Below you can find MCQ’s or Multiple Choice Questions related to the Transmission Lines in the field of Communications Engineering. Correct answers are in red & bold font. 1. What determines the velocity factor in transmission line? a) The termination impedance b) The center conductor resistivity c) Dielectrics in the line d) The termination impedance… Read More »