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Fiber optic internet speed comparison

No doubts fiber optic internet speed is the fastest speed in the world. If you are willing to know what internet speed is available in your home or office, you need to explore the fiber optic internet packages offered by the service provider. Having a fiber optic internet connection does not make you eligible for… Read More »

Understanding Fiber Optic Splicing and Data Losses

Optical fiber cable is the most important subject for large data and voice communication. Obviously like all other communication system, the primary objective of optical fiber communication system is to transfer successfully the signal containing information (voice, data, video) from the source to the destination without any or minimal data losses. Since the signals in… Read More »

What is Fiber Optic Cable Structure and Advantages

Fiber Optic cable is made up of thin fibers which are useful for the transmission of large amount of data. Infact the optical fiber is a hair thin cylindrical fiber of glass or any transparent dielectric medium. The fiber which are used for optical communication are wave guides made of transparent dielectrics. Its function is… Read More »