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Solar Cell MCQ Multiple Choice Questions

Below you can find MCQ’s or multiple choice questions related to solar cell and related topics for engineering students. Correct answers are in red and bold font. 1. a PV cell is also called? a) IR cell b) VU cell c) Solar cell d) All of the above 2. PV effect in solar cell converts… Read More »

Solar Panel Installation Methods on Roof Top

When doing solar panel installation on roof tops there are structural considerations to be investigated and analyzed. Solar panels can be placed on new or existing buildings. Solar panels can easily and inexpensively be incorporated at the time of design for new or future construction. The structural elements will need to accommodate the additional loading… Read More »

Thermoelectric Generator Simplified Learning Guide

If you need to learn everything about thermoelectric generator then this page is for you. Thermoelectrical power generator is a solid state device that facilitates direct conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy. Thermoelectric generators function like heat engines, but are less bulky and have no moving parts and are completely silent. The best part… Read More »

Solar Cell Construction & Working Principle

Solar cell is a device or a structure that converts the solar energy i.e. the energy obtained from the sun, directly into the electrical energy. The basic principle behind the function of solar cell is based on photovoltaic effect. Solar cell is also termed as photo galvanic cell. The electricity supplied by the solar cell is… Read More »

photovoltaic effect & photoelectric effect – how solar panels work

This page explains how solar panels work, actually we shall understand what is photovoltaic effect that causes the light to convert in to the electricity or energy. In fact photovoltaic effect also called photoelectric effect is the effect that causes the production of solar electricity using the specific semiconductor materials. Before looking in depth the process of solar energy… Read More »