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Classification of Transmission Lines

Overhead transmission lines are classified based on the manner in which the capacitance is considered. Common classification is long, short and medium transmission lines. Short Transmission Lines Transmission lines whose length less than 80kms and operating voltage less than 20kV comes under short transmission line. Due to the smaller distance and lower voltage levels capacitance… Read More »

Advantages of Bundled Conductors in Transmission Lines

Bundled Conductors For transmission of more power for long distances to load centers Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission is employed. Implementing Extra High Voltage has advantage of reduction in the copper losses and improves efficiency. However transmission of voltage beyond 300kV will poses some problems such as Corona effect which causes significant power loss and… Read More »

Why Skin Effect Occurs in Transmission Lines?

The distribution of current throughout cross section of  a conductor is uniform only when DC is passing through it. When Alternating Current(AC) is passing through a conductor, the current is non uniformly distributed over the cross section in a manner that the current density is higher at the surface of the conductor compared to the… Read More »