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Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation Method Statement

Below method statement covers installation and connection of all interior and exterior lighting, lighting control devices and wiring devices according to the approved shop drawings, project specifications and other related codes. One of the purpose of this method statement is to coordinate the exact location and position of all lighting fixtures, switches, outlet boxes and… Read More »

Introduction of Distribution Electrical Transformers – How Transformer Works?

In general understanding electrical distribution transformers are used to reduce primary system voltages (which is normally 2.4-34.5kV) to the level of utilization voltages i.e. 120- 600V. International electrotechnical commission standards do not distinguish between distribution electrical transformers and power transformer. They are all power electrical transformers in the sense that their purpose is to transmit… Read More »

Electrical Installation Method Statement for MDB and MCC

Below is a precise electrical installation method statement that covers installation of main distribution board and MCC panel board in compliance with the approved design, drawings, manufacturer instructions and material submittals. The electrical or MEP project manager is overall responsible for the implementation of this procedure and any relevant documents/standards. Site Engineer will be responsible… Read More »

Electrical Junction Box Installation Method Statement

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all works regarding electrical junction box and supports installation for electrical instrumentation works shall be done in accordance with the applicable local standards and all other applicable international codes and standards. Scope of work covers the steps to be followed for the junction box and support… Read More »

MV, LV, ELV & Telecom Cable Pulling and Installation Method for Infrastructure Projects

Prior to commencement of work, all shop drawings will be submitted for approval by consultant/client. Shop drawings will show the layout of pipe and cables as well as the section drawings. Only approved shop drawing will be used for installation. All materials to be used will be submitted for Engineer’s approval in forms of Material… Read More »

Power Factor Improvement & Correction | Power Triangle & Capacitor Banks

The electrical energy is almost exclusively generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of alternating current. Therefore, the question of power factor immediately comes into picture. Most of the loads (e.g. induction motors, arc lamps) are inductive in nature and hence have low lagging power factor. Low power factor is highly undesirable as it causes… Read More »