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Electrical Testing and Commissioning General Requirements & Checklists

All electrical checks and tests shall be conducted as per the manufacturer’s drawings/manuals, relevant codes of installation and below given commissioning check lists. The electrical installer/contractor shall also carry out additional tests if called for in the project electrical specifications. Contractor shall carry out insulation resistance tests by meggers of following rating. (a) Control circuits… Read More »

Switchgear Panels Energization and De-Energization Procedure – Electrical Services Commissioning

This document covers the livening up and isolation of electrical supplies from the incoming power supply to the final circuit. The aim is to have a safe procedure for the livening up electrical supplies during the commissioning period and a safe procedure for isolating electrical supplies where remedial works are required due to defects found… Read More »

Switchgear Testing and Commissioning Procedure – Electrical Method Statement

You can find below a comprehensive switchgear testing and commissioning procedure. If you need to learn and understand the switchgear testing and commissioning procedure then this article is enough. But if you want to submit to client/consultant the method statement for switchgear testing and commissioning then you can download full document with ITP, checklists and… Read More »

Standard Checks & Tests for MDB, SMDB, DB & Motor Control Center

As a standard practice installer or contractor shall arrange for the witnessing of the following tests on the fully equipped switchboards (main, submain distribution boards and Motor Control Centers MCC) including primary bus bars and connections at the factory, in accordance with IEC 439-1: High voltage power frequency tests on main and auxiliary circuits Dielectric/insulation… Read More »

Electrical Testing Requirements for an Electrical Project

Being an electrical engineer on a construction project is a very tedious and responsible job. Electrical site engineer is wholly responsible for the ordering of materials as per the pre approved material submittals and an electrical project specifications. Here in this article we have included the complete list of testing requirements for an electrical system… Read More »