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Types of Commercial and Home Wiring / Light Switch Wiring

What is a wiring circuit and its components? Two or more conductors (wires) through which a current flows from a source to one or more outlets. The source is where the electrical current originates within the house. Usually the breaker box or breaker panel. A conductor is any type material used to carry electrical current.… Read More »

Electrical Cabling and House Wiring Procedure

This document defines the method for electrical house wiring for any kind of building or project in order to ensure that the works to be conducted at site are in compliance with the approved designs and approved materials. You will need following tools before starting the house wiring: Measuring tape and setting out markers Cable… Read More »

Wiring Installation for lighting & Power Points

Electrical wiring generally refers to insulated conductor used to carry current including the associated devices. Domestic electric appliances like lights, fans, washing machines, water pumps etc are connected to the supply through insulated wires which are controlled by switches. The wiring diagram gives the connections of different appliances to the supply within a house or… Read More »