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MV, LV, ELV & Telecom Cable Pulling and Installation Method for Infrastructure Projects

Prior to commencement of work, all shop drawings will be submitted for approval by consultant/client. Shop drawings will show the layout of pipe and cables as well as the section drawings. Only approved shop drawing will be used for installation. All materials to be used will be submitted for Engineer’s approval in forms of Material… Read More »

Cable Pulling Laying Installation Termination and Testing Method Statement

The purpose of this electrical method statement is to describe the methodology which contractor is adopting during the execution of the cable installation work. Further following this method will ensure that work is done in controlled and safe manner as per project scope complying with specifications, Standards and procedures. The scope of this electrical work… Read More »

Procedure for Pulling Horizontal Data & Voice Cables in Conduits Using Fishtape

Overview Horizontal cable is installed between the telecommunications closet and the work area outlets for workstations. It supports many different kinds of information for its users: Voice communications Data communications Other building information systems (such as CATV, IPCCTV) Pulling horizontal cabling is one of the most important jobs of a successful installation. Because the cable… Read More »

Cables & Wires Handling Storage and Pulling Method Statement Procedure

At the stage of receiving the cables at project site, inspect the protective covering on the cable for evidence of shipment damage. Leave the  factory-applied protective cover in place until removal is absolutely necessary. Where possible, check the copper sheath for evidence of shipment damage. When cable drums are unloaded in designated area, provide wooden… Read More »