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Method statement for Installation & Testing of Earthing, Grounding and Lightning Protection System

This Method statement details the procedure of installation & testing of earthing system, grounding systems and lightning protection system. The grounding earthing system and lightning protection system are designed to ensure the complete safety of both persons and equipment throughout the buildings covered under the electrical project scope. Arrange following material and equipment before starting… Read More »

Basic Site Survey for Earthing System Design

The earthing system or earth electrode subsystem establishes the electrical connection between the building, structure or facility and earth. This connection is necessary for lightning protection, useful in power fault protection, and and in the minimization of noise. The earthing system should be tailored to reflect the characteristics of the site and the requirements of… Read More »

What are Necessary Fittings & Parts for Medium Voltage MV Transformers?

Transformers Fittings In order to install a medium voltage transformer below is the list of necessary fittings: Plain bi-directional rollers with blocking facilities. Skid base, lifting and jacking lugs Neutral and earthing terminals Rating and terminal marking plates Transformer Thermal Protection Temperature protection shall be incorporated to prevent thermal overloading of the power transformers. BMS… Read More »