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Conversion Table Decimal – Hexadecimal – Binary

Below is a complete table that can help you understand the relation between decimal to binary and binary to decimal conversion. This table also includes the equivalent values of hexadecimal numbers. You can search our website for more detail on this topic, we have plenty of pages that cover the number system conversions. The decimal… Read More »

Binary to decimal conversion

Most real world quantities are represented in Decimal Number System. Digital Systems on the other hand are based on the Binary Number System. Therefore, when converting from the Digital Domain to the real-world, Binary numbers have to be represented in terms of their Decimal equivalents. The method used to convert from Binary to Decimal is… Read More »

BCD – Decimal to Binary & Binary to Decimal Conversion Methods

What is decimal number system? The decimal number system has base 10. It uses the digits 0 to 9. What is number system? It is a system for representing numeric values or quantities using different symbols i.e. digits. What does base or radix mean? The number of digits (symbols) a number system use is called base or… Read More »