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Introduction of Distribution Electrical Transformers – How Transformer Works?

In general understanding electrical distribution transformers are used to reduce primary system voltages (which is normally 2.4-34.5kV) to the level of utilization voltages i.e. 120- 600V. International electrotechnical commission standards do not distinguish between distribution electrical transformers and power transformer. They are all power electrical transformers in the sense that their purpose is to transmit… Read More »

Explanation of Hysteresis Loss & Eddy Current Losses in Transformers

Transformer is very simple and basic part of electrical system and considered most efficient of electrical components of machines. If we consider experimental models which are using superconducting windings then we may talk about achieving the the performance of 99.75 percent as well. In practice, energy is found to be lost in the windings, core and… Read More »