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Electromagnetic Induction | Faraday Law & Lenz’s Law Explained

To best understand the Electromagnetic Induction lets first have a look on two important laws relating to the subject of this article. Lenz’s law is named after a Russian physicist of Baltic German descent Heinrich Lenz in 1834, and it states that, if an induced current flows, its direction is always such that it will… Read More »

Open Circuit & Short Circuit Tests of Electrical Transformers

There are many different tests for the transformers depending upon the usage, type and size but most common tests are: Short Circuit Test Open Circuit Test Let us first understand that what does short circuit and open circuit means in electrical transformers: What is a Short Circuit? A short circuit is an electrical circuit that… Read More »

Transformers Maintenance & EMF Equation of a Transformer

Power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical system. It is well known fact that power transformers are the heart of the power systems which enables to establish very large power systems networks. Failure of any transformer will create critical situation in power distribution network hence extra attention is required in commissioning,… Read More »