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Converting from binary to decimal involves multiplying the value of each digit (i.e. 1 or 0) by the value of the placeholder in the number

Octal Number System | Octal to Decimal Binary & Hexadecimal Conversion

The Octal Number System is another type of computer and digital base number system. Octal Number System is very similar in principle to the previous hexadecimal numbering system except that in Octal, a binary number is divided up into groups of only 3 bits, with each group or set of bits having a distinct value… Read More »

Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, and BCD Numbers

After reading this article, you shall be able to: Convert between binary and decimal numbers. Convert between decimal and binary fractions. Convert between binary and hexadecimal numbers. Convert between decimal and hexadecimal numbers. Convert between binary and octal numbers. Convert between binary and BCD numbers. The decimal number system is fine for calculations done by… Read More »

Numbering System and Digital Logic [Simplified]

There are different numbering systems used in digital electronic circuits and computers. However, the numbering system used in one type of circuit may be different to that of another type of circuit, for example, the memory of a computer would use hexadecimal numbers while the keyboard uses decimal numbers. The different number systems are Decimal… Read More »

Binary Numbers Arithmetic Operators – Two’s Complement [Explained]

Because of its widespread use, we will concentrate on addition and subtraction for Two’s Complement representation. The nice feature with Two’s Complement is that addition and subtraction of Two’s complement numbers works without having to separate the sign bits (the sign of the operands and results is effectively built-into the addition/subtraction calculation). Remember: −2n−1 ≤ Two’s… Read More »

Conversion Table Decimal – Hexadecimal – Binary

Below is a complete table that can help you understand the relation between decimal to binary and binary to decimal conversion. This table also includes the equivalent values of hexadecimal numbers. You can search our website for more detail on this topic, we have plenty of pages that cover the number system conversions. The decimal… Read More »

Why Computers Use Binary Code Numbers? [Answered]

Everyone of us about the decimal numbers i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. However, there are many other numeral systems that exist, like hexadecimal numbers for example:3F2Bor binary numbers for example:10101011.Some may think these numbers cryptic and meaningless. These hexadecimal or binary code numbers can easily be converted to the well-known decimal numbers. Then… Read More »