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How to Measures Core and Winding Losses of Electrical Current Transformer

Both short circuit and open circuit tests are conducted to measure the core and winding losses of transformers. As we know that there are mainly two major parts of transformers i.e. core and winding, which are made of two type of materials, which are iron and copper.  The core of a transformer is made of… Read More »

List of Functional Tests Required for Electrical Systems

Electrical functional testing is very important and critical part of any electrical project. Most of the times it is necessary to hire a third party in order to conduct the function testing of electrical systems. Big electromechanical companies are having their own testing and commissioning teams that can perform the electrical tests dpending upon the… Read More »

Open Circuit & Short Circuit Tests of Electrical Transformers

There are many different tests for the transformers depending upon the usage, type and size but most common tests are: Short Circuit Test Open Circuit Test Let us first understand that what does short circuit and open circuit means in electrical transformers: What is a Short Circuit? A short circuit is an electrical circuit that… Read More »