What Tests Are Required for Diesel Generator?

By | February 8, 2017

Below are a brief narration about the tests required for a diesel generator set.

Site Tests

a) The following site tests shall be carried out in order to determine whether the material and apparatus comply with this specification at site.

b) Not less than seven days notice in writing shall be given to the Engineers in order that they may arrange to present if they so desire. The Contractors shall arrange to conduct as many tests together as are possible in the opinion of the Engineers and shall submit six copies of the records of such tests to the Engineers within seven days of completion. Five copies shall be in English and one copy in the National language.

c) The contractor shall supply to the site the necessary load bank to test the generator at full load.

Type Tests

a) Tests shall be carried out on generator set using resistive load bank. For the purpose of these tests the rated power shall be as specified. All apparatus, instruments, fuel and lubricating oil for these tests shall be provided by the Contractor. Tests at various loads shall be made for the following periods and in the same sequence:-

1/2 hour at … … … 25% rated load

1 hour at … … … 50% rated load

1 hour at … … … 75% rated load

3 hours at … … … 100% rated load

1 hour at … … … 110% rated load

b) Governor tests to check the droop.

c) Cold and hot starting tests.

d) Tests on trips and alarms incorporated in the engine.

e) When type tests have previously been carried out, the Contractors may submit accredited copies of the results instead of carrying out the tests again.

Routine Tests

a) The engine shall be run in the works to demonstrate satisfactory performance and the correct operation of all control ancillary apparatus.

b) The engine shall be run at full load for a sufficient period of time to enable steady conditions to be obtained, following which a run at 110% load shall be carried out.

Ancillary Plant Tests

Performance tests on individual units shall be carried out where practicable to prove correct functioning of the plant and its compliance with the Specification Operating conditions shall be simulated where possible.

Electrical Requirements

a) Load tests shall be carried out on the diesel generator unit complete to prove the efficiency at the loads stated in Schedule.

b) A full load rejection test shall be carried out on the set to prove the capability of the excitation system in limiting the transient voltage swing.

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3 thoughts on “What Tests Are Required for Diesel Generator?

  1. Nasir


    Is it allowed to perform the load test for diesel generator on live bus i.e. the load which is connected to plant.

    1. Nasir

      We have successfully conducted BSDG SAT with live bus, through its required interlock bypass, Block HSBT and many other precautionary measure. Its imporant to list out all step by step procedure and Switching plan in order not to disturb the most critical plant loads.

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