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Writer is working in the field of construction since 25 years. Having vast experience and knowledge about electromechanical systems at different levels.

Introduction of Distribution Electrical Transformers – How Transformer Works?

In general understanding electrical distribution transformers are used to reduce primary system voltages (which is normally 2.4-34.5kV) to the level of utilization voltages i.e. 120- 600V. International electrotechnical commission standards do not distinguish between distribution electrical transformers and power transformer. They are all power electrical transformers in the sense that their purpose is to transmit… Read More »

Introduction of Control Engineering | Closed Loop Open Loop Control Systems

Control system engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the principles of control theory to design a system which gives desired behavior in a controlled manner. A controlled system consists of highly integrated coordination of mechanical, electrical, chemical, metallurgical, electronic or pneumatic elements. System Control engineering deals with diverse range of dynamic systems which… Read More »

Electrical Installation Method Statement for MDB and MCC

Below is a precise electrical installation method statement that covers installation of main distribution board and MCC panel board in compliance with the approved design, drawings, manufacturer instructions and material submittals. The electrical or MEP project manager is overall responsible for the implementation of this procedure and any relevant documents/standards. Site Engineer will be responsible… Read More »

Cathodic Protection System Installation Method Statement

Objective of this method statement is to explain the procedure for the Installation of Cathodic Protection System for a construction project in compliance with local and international regulations. This method statement identifies the work related general steps and necessary arrangements, scope of this document includes preparation of equipment, manpower, installation, rebar continuity test for critical… Read More »

Fluorescent Light Electronic Ballast Types Function Benefits & Specifications

Fluorescent light electronic ballast provides initial high voltage for discharging the gas inside the fluorescent lamps/bulbs. Ballast converts power frequency to very high frequency that initializes gas discharge process by controlling voltage and current through the lamps. There are different types of light ballasts which include electromagnetic, hybrid and electronics. On this  page we are talking… Read More »