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What is mass of electron?

The invariant mass of an electron is approximately 9.109×10-31 kilograms, or 5.489×10−4 atomic mass units. On the basis of Einstein’s principle of mass–energy equivalence, this mass corresponds to a rest energy of 0.511 MeV. The ratio between the mass of a proton and that of an electron is about 1836.

Mass of electron:- Mass of electron is 0.00055 a.m.u. or 9.1 x 10-31 kg or 0.91093826×10300.91093826×10-30 kg.

The electron rest mass (symbol: me) is the mass of a stationary electron. It is one of the fundamental constants of physics and is also very important in chemistry because of its relation to the Avogadro constant. It has a value of about 9.109×10−31 kilograms or about 5.486×10−4 atomic mass units, equivalent to an energy of about 8.187×10−14 joules or about 0.5110 MeV.

Values of me Units
9.10938356(11)×10−31 kg
5.485799090(16)×10−4 u
8.18710565(10)×10−14 J/c2
0.5109989461(13) MeV/c2
Values of the energy of me Units
8.18710565(10)×10−14 J
0.5109989461(13) MeV





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