Capacitor Bank Installation Method Statement

By | May 25, 2017

Installation of capacitor bank shall be carried out in accordance to project specifications and approved drawings and technical submittals etc. Installation will be carried out by skilled and suitably experienced electricians under supervision of highly competent site supervisors and engineers to ensure the correctness and quality of the work.

Prior to dispatch of capacitor bank equipment, a factory test must have been taken placed, witness by the consulting engineer and contractor apart from site testing in the premises of the manufacturer.

Capacitor bank will be delivered on site in complete package system and should be installed and connected to Main Low Voltage Panels in order to improve power factor and maintain 0.95 lagging to unity as per applicable regulations.

An approved location and foundation area must be in placed prior to unloading and erection of capacitor bank. Hook will be provided on top to unload the equipment properly. Capacitor bank will be bolted firmly to the approved location. Leveling will be strictly observed.

Location dimensions, distances from the wall and ratings of capacitor bank and its circuit breaker will be as per the approved shop drawing and load schedule. Capacitor bank will be bolted free standing on an approved cast-in place concrete foundation or it will be supported by channel above the trench.

The minimum work-space around the equipment will be as per the manufacturer recommendation and as per applicable regulation and recommendation. Proper tray containment will be provided to accommodate cables going to capacitor bank including BMS cables for system integration as required by consultant / engineer. Proper cutting and glanding plates will be provided for cable.

Remote monitoring communication module will be connected to electrical power monitoring and control data network through appropriate network interface unit. Cables will be properly identified using identification ferrule. Correct cable ties will be used to fix cables and pg gland will be provided to earthing cables. Using torque wrench, tightness of termination will be ensure in preparation to torque test.

Capacitor bank’s enclosure will be properly bonded to the grounding system. Label or identification nameplate will be provided for equipment. Approved drawings and load schedule of the equipment will be inserted in the drawing pocket.

Inspection request will be formally raised to Engineer to ensure accuracy and high quality of works. Capacitor bank panel commissioning will be carried out by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s representative will verify the completeness and correctness of work then carryout commissioning.

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