Installation Method Statement for Interior Lighting System Light Fittings & Luminaries

By | April 11, 2024

Before start of the installation works exact locations of luminaries will be checked and it should be as per approved RCP (reflected ceiling plan) drawing.

Installation shall be carried out by skilled and suitably experienced electricians under supervision of highly competent site supervisors and engineers to ensure the correctness and best quality of installation.

Light fittings will be installed strictly in accordance to manufacturer recommendations and instructions and the type of fittings will be as per approved shop drawings.

Adequate and sturdy support will be provided for each light fitting. Containment related works shall be completed and all circuit will be pull as per approved shop drawing layout and load schedule.

Ceiling Rose For Light Fitting

Plug-in ceiling rose will be fixed in the cable trunk where circuit wiring will be terminated from light fittings. Where luminaries are installed in a flush installation, the appropriate number of conduit boxes will be installed. Final circuit connection at discharge luminaries will be left long enough to terminate at the connections within the luminaries such that cables do not pass over starting/control equipment.method-statement-for-luminaries-installation

Wherever light fittings are mounted in gypsum ceiling, plug-in ceiling rose shall be located nearest to the cut out location of lighting fixture to ensure easy access during maintenance or a loop-in and loop out wiring will be done using flexible conduit.

Light fittings will be carefully aligned, leveled in straight lines and located as shown in reflected ceiling plan (RCP).

Fittings that mounted in continuous rows end will be coupled together by means of bushed ripples for passing &sub-circuit wiring and for maintaining earth continuity.

Where recessed type light fittings are used in conjunction with a suspended ceiling, the luminaries will be suitable for being supported from the ceiling grid system via adjustable mounting brackets.

Recessed fittings will be provided with trims which fit neatly and tightly to the surfaces in which they are installed without gaps.

Suspended Type Light Fitting Installation

Suspended type fittings will be installed by means of conduit drops that will be fitted to ball joints allowing a swing of at least 20 degrees all around.

Fittings incorporating tube suspensions will be installed completely with non rigid connections to the general conduit system, the conduits being of the hook plate type.

Pendant fittings will be installed plumb and at a height specified on the approved

All fluorescent light fittings will be fixed by minimum two points. Luminaries exceeding 250mm in width will be fixed by pairs Of screws and bolts at end.

Label will be provided for proper identity of each lighting fixtures.

Inspections of Light Fittings

After the completion of installation, inspection request will be raised to the  approving party to ensure accuracy and high quality of works.

After the approval of wire pulling and installation, testing will be carried out. All testing procedures and test results (insulation resistance, continuity, live test/functional test) will be carried out according to approved testing  methodology and as per applicable regulation and confirm the value are as per recommendations.

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