LED Lights Features Benefits & Cost Comparison

By | September 30, 2018

LED is the acronym for Light emitted Diode, when a suitable amount of current is made to pass through the LED, it activates the LED to release the energy in the form of light.

From the days of Adam to the days of atom, one thing that has aided human beings to work is a source of light. While in ancient days, the only source of lighting was the natural source of light. In the present scenario, human beings have constantly thrived to find better means to lighten and brighten up their homes. LED light is one such boon gifted by mankind to its own.

The high energy efficiency and low maintenance nature of LED’s makes them perfect for commercial and industrial lighting purposes. LED lights are increasingly becoming common in street lights, parking garage lighting, walkway and other outdoor area lighting.

In 2007 after the implementation of EISA, any lamp failing to meet the energy standards set by EISA could no longer be manufactured. Tungsten-filament incandescent lamps were the most affected by EISA. By 2020, incandescent bulbs estimated to be out of market totally. LED bulbs is the latest technology and the most viable option available in market. LED lights saves energy up to 80 % and their life is approximately 40000-80000 hours.

Key Features of LED Lights

LED light consumes very little energy and therefore are energy and cost efficient. Since, they don’t consume a lot of electricity they are comparatively less expensive in long term. Construction and Structure of LED lights is basic with curved walls for illumination and tiny bulbs that beam the light out.

These lights are useful for many purposes like search lights, phones, automobiles, show rooms, highlighter lights used in the museum, exhibitions and other areas, including home decoration.LED Light Application

LED are capable of emitting illumination while consuming a very small amount of power. When it comes to the electricity bill, it will be much lesser than it ever used to be, making these lights extremely cost-efficient. Buying LED lights is the best decision you will ever make.

LED lights are temperature and weather friendly. They work perfectly fine, in hot, cold or even thunder or rains. These lights can be thus used for external lighting without a thought, provided it meets the essential criteria.

LED light can fit into existing electrical circuits. So if you want to revamp your lighting, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket or change the entire electricity circuit in your retail store or household.

LED lights are available in various sizes, kinds, types and models. Now LED lights can be purchased online using many local and international websites, that not only eases the entire process of restructuring the lights, but also makes buying LED lights an easier experience with customer reviews, ratings and much more.

LED light are becoming popular with the public due to many many reasons and therefore are helpful today when one searches for other ways to save cash. These lights cut costs and in addition helps you lessen the carbon footprint and save the environment.

Evolution of LED Technology

In 1971, low power LED start replacing the incandescent bulbs in electronics which reduced the cost, made them more consumer friendly. Microsoft introduced the optical mouse in 1999, the mouse used sensors in addition to LED to track the movements of the mouse on any surface. In recent years, LEDs are used for street lights and other outdoor lighting purposes. Individually focused lights used on the bridge between San Francisco and Oakland don’t cause windshield glare of standard streetlights.

Cost Comparison of LED Light & Other Lights




Approximate cost per bulb



8$ or less

Average lifespan

1,000 hours

6,000 hours

20,000 hours

No. of bulbs needed for 20000 hours of use




Total purchase price of bulbs over 20000 hours use




Commercial Applications of LED Lights
  1. LED PANEL & TROFFER LIGHTING: Commercial Panel & troffer lighting comes in various sizes. Transitioning to sustainable LED is as simple as replacing the old fluorescent troffer and rewiring to fit new LED Panel lights
  2. LED HI-BAY LIGHTING: It is perfect for illuminating the large indoor space. These fixture normally hang from ceilings via hooks, pendants or chains. Ideal for gymnasium. storage, manufacturing plant etc.
  3. LED FLOOD LIGHTS: It is wide beamed, high intensity light. Usually used in stadiums where sports events are held, to overcome poor lighting conditions.
  4. LED PARKING LOT LIGHTS: These LED light fixtures are used to evenly distribute light across the intended surface. It provides uninterrupted glare free light.

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