Method Statement for Motor Control Center MCC Panel Installation

By | July 31, 2018

MCC Panel factory acceptance test is the mandatory requirements that every supplier will make sure before delivery at the project site. FAT or factory acceptance test witnessing by consultant or client is also pre-requisite in order to avoid any complications or rejections at later stage.

Sometimes if FAT is not possible due to any reason then SAT is required which is Site Acceptance Test and is equally important as FAT. Also these test are mandatory for obtaining the approval of the materials.

On delivery stage all components / materials received at site shall be inspected and ensured compliance against approved material submittal. Any discrepancies, damages etc shall be notified immediately for further action to suppliers. MCC Panels shall be carefully unloaded from the vehicle using Crane / Fork lift and moved to suitable place for storage.

Items found not suitable for the project shall be removed from site immediately. MCC Panels shall be stored in a covered place separately as per manufacturer recommended ambient conditions. Factory packing of the MCC panels shall only be removed at the installation spot to avoid damages. MCC Panels shall be covered properly to prevent dust and contamination. If inspection is required during storage repacking shall be done properly.

Installation Procedure for MCC Panel

Shift the panel from stores to the installation spot using fork lift. Remove the packing and ensure that the panel is free from transportation damages.

For floor mounted panels, the exact location of the panel and fixing holes to be marked on the concrete plinth provided by others for the installation.

For wall mounted panels, the exact location of the panel and fixing holes to be marked based on approved shop drawings keeping panel in place and will be fixed in an approved manner.Motor-Control-Centre-Method-statement MCC Panels

Provide fixing arrangement in an approved manner in the marked location.

Install the panel on the plinth, align and fix properly.

Gland the cables ( Power / earthing ) on the glanding plate of the panel and terminate properly.

Tighten all the connections as required.

Access around the panel to be checked for future maintenance as per applicable regulations. Ensure that any service containing water is away from the panel or properly protected against any accidental leakages. Check and ensure adequate space is available for maintenance.

Identification & Protection of MCC Panel

Identification of panel and outgoing breaker shall be verified against approved shop drawings. Incoming and Outgoing cables shall be marked / identified as per approved shop drawings. All components of the panel such as MCCB, MCB, Relays, Fuses, Meters, CTs, Contractors, Terminals, etc. shall be verified against the approved panel drawings for correct rating and size.

Any internal connections / modification will be carried out by the manufacturer of the particular switchgear. All breakers (incoming / outgoing) shall be in “OFF” position and to be locked to prevent mishandling.

After installation panel shall be properly cleaned and protected to prevent dust and contamination. Work inspection request shall be raised for Consultant’s inspection and sign off.

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