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You can find helpful method statements for electrical engineering people. Especially for the electrical engineers working in construction industry.

Emergency Lighting System Installation Method Statement

You can find below Emergency Lighting System Installation Method Statement in steps that covers the pre-installation steps and after that installation procedure. Pre-installation checks for Emergency Lighting System Ensure the materials, equipment and components are as per approved material submittal and as per technical specification. Ensure that the drawings are current and marked “Issued for… Read More »

Transformer Installation Method Statement

Prior to commencement of transformer installation work, all shop drawings will be processed and submitted for approval by consulting engineer. Shop drawings will include front and side views of the equipment, overall dimensions, components identity, components type and ratings, electrical characteristics, incoming and outgoings location details among others. Plant and Equipment Following equipment and tools… Read More »

Method Statement for Installation of Isolated Power Supply IPS Units

Below is given a brief method statement for Installation of Isolated Power Supply units or also called IPS Units. Pre installation requirements before commencing the installation work at site are: Operative to attend any site induction provided by the client. Check the  power  cables  and  earth  cable  sizes  are  done  as  per  approved drawings. Conduits,… Read More »

Method Statement for Optical Fiber Cable Installation Project

Below is given the method statement for performing the installation of optical fiber cabling system for a project. The method is given from receiving the material on the installation site and what to do after that. Make sure that for all drawings and schedules necessary approvals are available. Offloading and handling of Fiber Optic cable Adequate… Read More »

Installation Method Statement for Small Power System

Installation of small power system shall be carried out in accordance to Contract Specification and will be as per approved construction methodology, shop drawings and checklists. Installation shall be carried out by skilled and suitably experienced electricians under supervision of highly competent site supervisors and engineers to be ensured the correctness and quality of installation.… Read More »