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You can find helpful method statements for electrical engineering people. Especially for the electrical engineers working in construction industry.

Electrical Junction Box Installation Method Statement

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all works regarding electrical junction box and supports installation for electrical instrumentation works shall be done in accordance with the applicable local standards and all other applicable international codes and standards. Scope of work covers the steps to be followed for the junction box and support… Read More »

MV, LV, ELV & Telecom Cable Pulling and Installation Method for Infrastructure Projects

Prior to commencement of work, all shop drawings will be submitted for approval by consultant/client. Shop drawings will show the layout of pipe and cables as well as the section drawings. Only approved shop drawing will be used for installation. All materials to be used will be submitted for Engineer’s approval in forms of Material… Read More »

IP Telephony System Installation Method Statement

All material used at the project site shall be approved prior to the start of IP Telephony system installation works. Materials and documentation relevant to a particular section of works will be checked by the site/project engineer prior to the commencement of work ensuring that these are of the correct type as reviewed by the… Read More »

Underground Cable Laying Method Statement

Purpose of this method statement is to outline the sequences and methods of works intended to be used for for laying underground 33 kV power and fiber optic cables including the excavation of trench and backfilling. The electrical contractor has the right to adapt the methods of execution as contained in this document from time… Read More »

Electrical Cables Trunking Types & Uses

What is Electrical Trunking? Trunking is an enclosure provided for the protection of cables which is normally square or rectangular in cross-section, having one removable side. Cables trunking may be thought of as simply a larger and more accessible conduit system. The electrical trunking is available in two ranges, ordinary wiring trunking and busbar trunking.… Read More »

Types of Commercial and Home Wiring / Light Switch Wiring

What is a wiring circuit and its components? Two or more conductors (wires) through which a current flows from a source to one or more outlets. The source is where the electrical current originates within the house. Usually the breaker box or breaker panel. A conductor is any type material used to carry electrical current.… Read More »