Instruction Manual for Circutor LV Capacitor Bank Regulators M98235701-03-12A & M98248601-20-12A

By | June 17, 2018

CIRCUTOR S.A. thanks you for choosing one of the regulators from the Computer Smart series. These units have been built with state-of-the-art technologies, including a powerful processor that can calculate the optimum algorithms and achieve the best correction of the cos φ.

The units comply with the EN 61010 Electrical Safety Standard, in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive requirements (LVD 73/23/EC), as well as the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC) and are, therefore, certified for use with the CE mark. The purpose of this user manual is to describe the operating principles for the regulators from the Computer Smart series and to define the installation, start-up and operation procedures.


The installation and maintenance of the equipment must be performed by qualified and authorised staff, in accordance with the national and international Standards. Any manipulation or use of the equipment different from that specified by the manufacturer may compromise user safety.

The main switch must be disconnected before any maintenance to be performed on the cos φ regulation equipment. After the main switch has been disconnected, wait at least 5 minutes to make sure that all capacitors have been discharged.

The following safety precautions must be taken into account during installation, maintenance or start-up operations on equipment regulated with a Computer Smart unit:

  • Make sure that the units have the corresponding earthing connections before they are connected. A faulty earthing connection could lead to a faulty operation and represent the risk of electrical discharge to the user or person handling the equipment.
  • The necessary precautions will be taken during maintenance operations to prevent the risk of electrocution and electric shock. Make sure that the unit has been disconnected and wait until the capacitors have been fully discharged before handling or operating the unit. We recommend the use of safety goggles and gloves.Circutor Optim Series Instruction Manual
  • Resonance can be produced when the power factor compensation units are connected with no loads. In this case, the voltage harmonics can be amplified, causing damage to the compensation equipment and other equipment connected to the network.
  • Follow the start-up and stop procedures described in the manual to prevent damage to the unit and/or adjacent equipment.
  • Always use original spare parts or components when adjusting or replacing components and follow the corresponding procedures described in the instruction manual.

Checks to be carried out when the regulator is received

On receiving the regulator, check that:

  • The unit has not been damaged during transport.
  • The type supplied is the same as that requested. (See label on the rear, Fig. 1.1)
  • Check the features shown on the unit’s label, to make sure that they are valid for the type of grid where the unit will be connected. (Voltage and power supply frequency, measurement range, etc.)
  • Follow the instructions described in section 2, in relation to the rest of the installation and setup.
  • Please contact the technical-commercial service of CIRCUTOR, SA if you detect any anomalies.

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Instruction Manual Circutor M98235701-03-12A

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