Light Fixture Installation Electrical Method Statement

By | September 4, 2021

This document defines the method for light fixture installation on the projects in compliance with the approved designs, layouts and approved materials etc.

The electrical method of statement describes the procedure for material delivery, installation and inspection of light fittings.

During the electrical installation works proper safety harness to be used and secured as applicable.

All personal protective equipment shall be used as appropriate according to the nature of the job.

Housekeeping shall be of good standard and all cut wires and debris shall be removed regularly.

The sequence of work shall be as under:

  1. Preparation of the Works
  2. Delivery and inspection of Light Fixture materials upon delivery at site
  3. Setting out of works
  4. Installation of Light Fixtures
  5. Inspection of light Fixtures

Arrange below instruments and tools for the lighting installation works:

  • PPE for all staff and labor
  • Measuring tape and setting out markers
  • Electric Drill hammer
  • Hack saw cutter
  • Electrician’s tool box
  • Certified mobile scaffolds / step ladder
  • Multi tester

Material Handling & Storage

Project material controller is responsible for receiving of materials on site warehouse.

The supervisor and foreman will inspect all the materials delivered to the work place and ensure that these are proper and suitable materials.

Any light fixture installation materials found not as per requirement or with damage or defect will be set aside. These will be properly labeled and returned to the supplier.

It should be noted that the light fitting materials are of valuable nature and shall be stored in a secure, clean and dry place.

Adequate covering by tarpaulin sheets to be provided to protect the light fitting materials from deposition of construction dust till they are finally shifted to their location.

Access to these materials shall be strictly controlled and materials shall be properly stored as per manufacturer recommendation.

Preparation of Works for Lighting Installation

Ensure all ceiling hop drawings are “Issued for Construction” and approved by the Consultant and that the latest revision of the relevant drawings is available at site.

Ensure all drawings are coordinated with other services and installations.

Electrical engineer has to ensure that all wiring is complete and tested.

Site is cleared from civil section, all cement works and painting of wall is completed and cleared for installation of light fitting and other wiring accessories.

The supervisor and foreman will orient and familiarize all the technicians and labors involve in the lighting installations regarding relevant approved shop drawings, installation procedures and details, acceptance criteria and safety requirements.

Light Fixture Installation Procedure

Ensure finishing works in  all  related areas are  completed for  the  area  of installation and clearance released / cleared by civil section to proceed on with the installation of lighting fixtures.

Type of lighting fixtures are to be selected as per approved schedule of lighting and approved shop drawing. Lighting fixtures installed in exposed external areas shall be of weather proof type.

The materials will be transported from the site stores to the area of work as per the requirements (correct manual handling techniques employed).Light Fixture Installation Electrical Method Statement

Install Lighting fixtures in line and parallel with other line fixtures as per approved shop drawings, and false ceiling drawing.

Lighting fixtures which are heavy shall be supported from  the ceiling using galvanized caddy clip and heavy gauge suspension wire.

Lighting fixtures which are in service areas, where there is no false ceiling, fittings are to be fixed firmly using anchor bolts, minimum 6mm bolt and metal expansion anchor rods.

Fixing lighting fixtures above ducts, pipes, trays and trunking shall be avoided.

Connection between lighting fixtures and ceiling rose are to be made only using heat resistance 3 core, 2.5 or 1.5 flexible wires. Ceiling rose location shall be easily accessible.

Marking for the opening required in the false ceiling will be done as per the coordinated and approved reflected false ceiling drawing.

Opening will be done as per the requirement / recommended of lighting fixture manufacturer.

Installation of lighting fixtures will be done as per the instruction manual of lighting fixture manufacturer.

Drill and fix the threaded rod of appropriate length on the concrete ceiling slab by using anchor fastener. The rod should be fixed with the lighting fixture at appropriate height by using bolt and nut with washer.

Ballast, transformers and control gear for all the down lights will be placed in ceiling void through down lighten outs and necessary support will be provided in the ceiling if required (by finishing contractor).

Lights that need to hang will be hanged with threaded rods, hanging chains as suitable for location.

For concrete wall / steel column mounted lighting installation, fix the mounting bracket on the wall & set-up the lighting fixture to the mounting bracket as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Continuity test and meggering for the wires/ cable will be done prior to start light fixture installation.

After verifying provisions provided for the installation of lighting fixture are at right location remove all temporary protection material from back box and clean its interiors by using a cloth.

Verify wire of sufficient length are pulled and protected properly from damages, additional lengths of wires are to be neatly rolled and kept inside the back box for possible future use.

Install plug-in ceiling roses and terminate wire in to it in applicable locations as per approved wiring installation details.

Heat resistance cables of required length to be used for final termination to the light fixtures from ceiling roses.

Provide identification ferrules to wire with circuit numbers as per approved DB schedule, shop drawing & as built condition.

Connect the wire firmly to the lighting fixture terminals ensuring no loose contacts. Proper care to be taken to prevent any damages to the lighting fixture while handling the installation.

Install the lighting fixture at correct orientations as per approved installation details; use a spirit level to maintain constant level.

Protect the installed lighting fixture with plastic / polythene sheet to prevent from dust & dirt.

Earthing for the lighting fixtures will be done properly.

Inspection and Testing of Light Fixture Installation Work

In process works shall be monitored for quality of workmanship and installation against approved construction drawings by the relevant Supervisor and Construction Manager.

Lighting installation shall be inspected by QA/QC engineer in accordance with the compliance to the design requirement, manufacturer’s and consultant’s installation recommendation, requirement of applicable standards and industrial practices.

Inspection Checklist for Lighting Installation

Check if the lighting fixture is approved as per material submittal & complies with the specification and code.

Mounting location of installation as per approved shop drawings and specification requirement

Check terminal of each lighting fixture is connected to the earth continuity conductor

Check all lighting fixture is connected to its corresponding switches

Check if lighting fixtures is symmetrical

Check cable wire termination are correct, wire insulation (megger) and continuity test are completed

Check lighting fixture outlet and switch are correct type and rating in accordance with schedule & specification.


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